EHS and training

EHS and training

Påbygg Spesialisten regards EHS as an integral part of our business. That’s why all our builds are delivered with a tailor-made EHS-guide. The EHS-guide is put together by experts and authors of training material on crane trucks. It contains detailed documentations, tailored to each build. The EHS- guide can be implemented in the customers own EHS program.

There are strict regulations regarding crane trucks that require that documentation on training is readily available and evident. The same goes for documentation on internal training and self-study. We can help you put together an EHS-guide when you decide to sell your old crane truck.

The training is provided by Olav G. Hansen, who has trained customers and supervised the handover on more than 400 crane trucks.

Olav Hansen 0047 957 82 995
Sigve Hansen Gusdal 0047 907 18 210
Olav Hansen
Sigve Hansen Gusdal
Visiting address: Bølerveien 88G, 2020 Skedsmokorset
Mailing address: Postboks 283, 9751 Honningsvåg

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